African Animals (T) LTD
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      AFRICAN ANIMALS (T) LTD. Breeding and Zoo-Park facility is situated in the Coast Region of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The company is successfully working with African animals since 1998, delivering various mammals, birds, reptiles and many other animals all over the world. Prior to export all animals are kept under quarantine in company's private certified Quarantine facility under the supervision of our experienced multinational personnel. For each of our animals we provide a copy of a booklet with the description of the general behaviour, the support and a diet of the particular specie, the specific food that the animal prefers, the recommended cage size and etc.       AFRICAN ANIMALS (T) LTD. is a company, whose business is absolutely transparent and does not break or bend legislation of Tanzania and the entire world on capture, handling and transportation of African exotic animals.

AFRICAN ANIMALS (T) LTD. also exports animal species with South African and Ugandan origin. We organize the exportation from these countries through partner companies under our personal supervision.

AFRICAN ANIMALS (T) LTD. has apportioned on its free will a part of its farm territory for a Wildlife Sanctuary ready to house, treat and take care of any wildlife animals in need. The Sanctuary in financed by the company and our staff volunteers in offering these creatures the best care and attention.